Camera Club Presentations

Camera Club Information
I can provide your camera club with a presentation for your monthly meeting. My workshops can be tailored to your needs. If your club meeting has a hard-stop, we can accommodate that. We will work with you to provide the best experience within your time limit.

Our workshops are extremely well received by camera clubs - and our fees are very low - starting at just $50.

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An Opportunity for your club to make a profit!
I can provide your club with an opportunity to make a profit. The workshops that I offer have a low fixed price. You can either provide free admission to a workshop or you can charge for seats. If I charge $200 for a workshop, you could sell seats at $25 each. If you sell just 10 seats, you make $50; if you sell 20 seats you can make $300; the potential is unlimited.

You could provide your membership with free seats and sell seats to non-members, or charge everyone or charge no-one – it’s up to you!

Professional Zoom productions
We have a professional livestream studio complete with a gigabit internet connection, professional lighting, audio and cameras. Our presentations are professional quality.


Here are some actual unsolicited comments regarding our presentations to Camera Clubs:

I can't thank you enough for your presentation. It was clearly one of the best presentations that any of our invited speakers has offered over the last few years. I hope you will be open to future invitations to speak to our club. Jerry S

IMHO one of the best prepared and impressive presentations I have ever seen Bert and I have seen many thousands. Fred H

Thank you. Your presentation was superb! I was impressed by the amount of research and testing that you have done and your polished delivery. Dennis B

Your presentation was incredible. Interesting, informative and scarry as hell. Everyone loved it. Thank you so much.Gary Z

Live or via Zoom
If your club meets within a reasonable distance from our base in West Hartford, CT, we can present live. Contact us for more information. Presentations via Zoom are always available.

Recording allowed!
You can record our presentations as long as you restrict viewing to your club membership.